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Campus Electronic Pupil Registration in the Classroom
User Story.
The Electronic Registration System for Primary Schools
“An imaginatively introduced computerised registration system saving a significant amount of valuable teaching and administration time”
The Campus system is a complete administration system for schools where absence monitoring is essential and where the need for accurate recording of pupil attendance is a priority.
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Electronic registration in the classroom twice per day, (a.m. and p.m.) with immediate follow-up by administration staff in the back office from a first-day contact report, where pupils are absent without a reason. Detailed on-demand accurate pupil performance statistics which can be used by the teaching staff,
OFSTED inspectors, EWO officers and the DfEE. Teachers using IT in the classroom provide a good role model for pupils. Various initiatives for involving parents in promoting good attendance. Provision of additional PC-based services for teachers in the classroom to help ease the administration overhead. Introduction of teaching staff to computer technology leading to better IT literacy in Primary schools. Cost effectiveness of the overall system which uses existing resources wherever possible with a very low operating cost and pays for itself within 18 months. Makes use of old or redundant PC's.
Facilities for the teachers :
• Diarise notes for a pupil and make them public or private.
• Send email to each other.
• Authorise previous absence.
• Produce pupil annual reports including attendance statement.
• Library/Catalogue System.
• Enter SENCO information.
Principal features
A database providing complete information about pupils, including name, address, next of kin (parent or guardian), doctors, medical details, ethnic background, special dietary, and educational needs.
Absence control including attendance statements, lateness recording, reasons for absence, authorised and unauthorised. Records are held and accounted for at the half-day level and cater for mixed year registration classes where appropriate.
A record of any pupil injuries/warnings that may be incurred at school.
A database of all monies from pupils, categorised into lunch money, books, swimming, outings and any other reasons. Lunch money is handled automatically by deducting each lunch payment from information gathered when morning registration is taken.
Inexpensive dumb terminals or PC’s in each class electronically collect all information or even a simple form can be printed to allow the teachers to record attendance and absence manually, plus reasons for absence, if known. The form also records any money collected from pupils together with the purpose for the money such as lunch or books. This form can then be used to easily key-enter the information into the system.
“Back-office” functions allow any of the automatic processes to be overridden or reversed. For example a pupil who is present for morning registration is assumed to require lunch, may go home early. In this case the lunch could be credited back. Also an unauthorised absence at registration may be subsequently resolved when the parents phone later with an explanation.
A printed list of pupils currently at school can be produced at any time during or after registration in case of emergency, to ensure that all pupils can be accounted for.
A printed catering list of all school meals required can be produced, detailing numbers of lunches free and paid or sandwiches by class and in total.
Annual reports are printed automatically with a covering letter and attendance statement. The system can contain a large number of standard clauses which describe a pupils abilities and progress. These clauses are arranged by subject so that the teacher can assemble the report by selecting the appropriate clause or clauses from a pick-window for the pupil under review. Free text is also available for the teacher to add their own comments.
Standard or custom letters or labels can be produced automatically to parents or guardians, and can be selected for a single pupil, class, year or all classes.
A full suite of reports for planning costing and general information is included.
Individual diary note pad for each pupil for diarised activities.
Single user, Multi-user and Network ready.  

Campus Electronic Registration in the Classroom - An Overview


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